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Dr Mohsin Raza
Breast cancer is the fastest growing cancer among women all over the globe.So is in India  According to GLOBOCAN (WHO),DEATH in India due to breast cancer is more than any other country in the world (second: China   and third: USA
There are so many alarming factors in In India,that India is ahead of China in incidence & death The age incidence in India is from 35 to 50 years which is 10 years younger than in Europe and USA.There is total lack of awareness among Indian women about the disease.
In USA 85 % women present early at manageable stage of cancer whereas in India only 5% are diagnosed early.If diagnosed early lives can be saved.The statistics of breast disease is not correct in India due to several social taboos and lack of knowledge.Over and above every Doctor.GP,paediatricians gynecologists,all surgeons,hakeems vaida charyas and homeopaths+ faith healers,all find themselves comfortable in treating Breast cancer.
Breast cancer is a deadly disease but there is nothing to fear,if it is detected early and properly managed
Our war is against Breast cancer. It is really a tough problem.”
We intend to create awareness among the women of all ages.
We want to take off the fear and myths from the minds of women
It is apprehended that the incidence will double by 2030 .
Therefore if we do not act now, we are in for a major shock in the next 15 years. India has a long way to go!  
We organise the sessions in various areas with women.Our team of girls assist in problems and further management.
We create awareness
We diagnose
We operate and help patients in chemotherapy to those who are not able to afford.
Our focus so far has been in urban areas.We are not able to cover the Rural areas due to constraints of transport 
and its maintenance.
Our team of Doctors and volunteers join us without any remuneration.We want to spread the services.
Our fight is against Breast Cancer and we want to raise an army of Volunteers to create awareness among Indian women about Breast cancer.
Our past activity can be watched on face book on our group “breast cancer awareness among indian women”
Warm regards
Dr Mohsin Raza
Senior Consultant General Surgeon
Moderator -"Worldofaligs"
Moderator -"Abdomen & Chest Trauma" , yahoogroups.com
& Facilitator - "Breast Cancer awareness among Indian women" 
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